Not satisfied with your product? Create a label below. Print a return label with a discount via the link below. Prefer to return it your own way? That is also possible. Then send it to:

  • Dutch Mud Men
  • Hooiweg 11
  • 5165 NL Waspik
  • Netherlands

Click here to create a Dutch Mud Men return label with a discount

    What are the return costs?

    A return from the Netherlands costs 5.95.

    What return period do you use?

    We have a return period of 100 days.

    I want to exchange something, what's the best way?

    The easiest way is to just order a new one. You can then keep the old ones for a while to compare them to make sure the size is correct. You also know for sure that your desired product is not sold in the meantime. In addition, you also have it faster at home. Return the ones you don't want and we'll refund them.

    How long does it take for my return to be processed?

    If you make your return via our portal, it usually goes a little faster than if you return it yourself. We aim to process it the day after it has been returned, but due to crowds in our external warehouse it can sometimes take a few days longer.

    Has my return already been processed?

    You will be notified when we have processed your return. The money will then be refunded. This can take a few days, especially if there is a weekend in between.

    Have you not heard anything yet? Check whether the email is in your spam folder or check the track & trace of your return to see whether it has already arrived with us. It is usually processed the next day.

    Why hasn't my money been refunded yet?

    It is possible that your money has not yet been refunded. This could be for a number of reasons;

    1. Your package has not yet been returned. See your return tracking code to verify.
    2. We have not yet processed the return. This will usually happen the next day.
    3. The bank sometimes needs a few days for processing. Especially on the weekend.
    4. You paid in a different way. So your money will be returned to PayPal or your credit card instead of ideal.