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If you are looking for running shoes with good grip, the shoes we have in our range are very suitable. Most trail and running shoes from our collection have studs that offer a lot of grip on both paved and unpaved roads. Our shoes are therefore not only intended for runners, but also for mud runners and obstacle runners. The chance of falling and slipping is much smaller if you use shoes with a lot of grip.

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Are you planning to participate in a obstacle run, mud run, Strong Viking race or any other running competition? Then the right running shoes are essential. At Dutch Mud Men we are happy to advise you based on our knowledge and experience, and your specific wishes and goals. For competitions with many obstacles or mud, shoes with a lot of grip are very important. These shoes reduce the risk of possible falls and ensure a better result. Even if you run weekly as a hobby, shoes with a lot of grip can make a difference.

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Have you been looking for the right running shoes for a while and can't you see the forest for the trees? At Dutch Mud Men we are happy to help you find the right shoes. For example, are you looking for shoes with a lot of grip? Then we have various models of different top brands in stock, both online and in our store in Eindhoven. If you have any questions , please contact us at 0499 700 250 or