So much choice at Darn Tough. Which sock should I choose?




Height: No Show Tab: The toughest socks you'll never see. When you put on your shoes this sock is gone.

Height: 1/4 Sock: Sits just above the ankle. The 'just right' height makes it fast and light. Great for low walking and running shoes.

Height: Micro Crew: A slightly shorter, more compact version of the traditional crew height. Peeks out just above the top of a standard hiking boot.

Height: Crew: A classic versatile height that hits almost the calf. A sock that you must have in your sock drawer!

Height: Boot Sock: Mid-calf for extra protection and warmth. A good companion!

Height: Over-the-calf: The name says it all. The ultimate height for the entire calf!



Cushioning: No Cushion: A thin knit without terry cushioning in the socks. Regardless of the thickness, this is a thin sock.

Cushioning: Cushion: Terry cloth cushioning under the sole and other parts of the sock, but not wrapped around the entire foot. Our most popular, versatile cushioning..

Cushioning: Full Cushion: The terry cloth cushioning runs the full length of the sock, or at least to the edge, for complete cushioning around the foot and leg.

Cushioning: Ski - & Snowboard Cushion: A pair of our ski and snowboard socks have targeted cushioning in the shin that is separate from the foot section.

Cushioning: Work Socks Cushion: Socks especially for shoes with a steel toecap, with extra cushioning around the toe.



Thickness: Ultra-lightweight: Our lightest sock that fits like a second skin. Even with cushioning, these socks are sleek and silky.

Thickness: Lightweight: The most versatile thickness found in virtually every sock category. Combined with cushioning, this is considered the most sublime combination we knit.

Thickness: Midweight: With the outdoors in mind, this is what made our hiking and ski socks big. More natural insulation, and so durable that they are a fixture for long-distance hikers.

Thickness: Heavyweight: Our warmest socks. Always with Cushion or Full Cushion. These socks typically have the highest percentage of merino wool of all styles, with all the benefits of merino.



Women's sizes

  • S (35-37/38)
  • M (38 - 40/41)
    L (41 - 42/43)


Men's sizes

  • S (38 - 40/41)
  • M (41 - 42/43)
  • L (43 - 45)
  • XL (46 - 49/50)
  • XXL (50 - 53)