blackroll foamrollers

Every person is different and has his or her own needs, which is why BLACKROLL® has developed different foam rollers based on the different needs.

Which foam roller suits you?

The mother of all foam rollers

The BLACKROLL® STANDARD foam roller is the ideal tool for self-massage of the back, neck, upper body, thighs, calves and shins. One works exclusively with one's own body weight, to vary the pressure on the tissue and to massage it according to need. Muscle aches and tensions can loosen facial adhesions and aid recovery. The BLACKROLL® GROOVE STANDARD has the same hardness, but has a grooved surface, which creates a vibration effect that stimulates blood flow and tackles stubborn muscle tensions. Ideal for warming up your muscles before exercising.

For novice rollers & all who like softer

The BLACKROLL® MED foam roller is 20% softer than the BLACKRORLL® STANDARD and is therefore suitable for beginners. Even if you are sensitive to pain and want to train gently and pain-free, the BLACKROLL® MED foam roller is the right choice. This foam roller is also the ideal tool for self-massage of the back, neck, upper body, thighs, calves and shins. We do recommend using the BLACKROLL® MED FOAM ROLLER up to 75 kilograms. The BLACKROLL® MED is also available in BLACKROLL® MED45. It is slightly longer (45cm) than the regular BLACKROLL® MED, which means that it reaches a larger surface area of ​​your body. Because of its size, the BLACKROLL® MED 45 is one of our best foam rollers for massaging the entire back.

blackroll pro

For professionals, frequent rollers & muscles of steel

The BLACKROLL® PRO foam roller is 50% harder than the BLACKROLL® STANDARD and allows simple exercises to increase the elasticity and performance of muscles. The PRO is only suitable for experienced rollers or people who are less sensitive to pain.

Small foam rollers

Then we arrive at the treatment of small, vulnerable muscle groups that are difficult to reach with a large foam roller.

blackroll mini

The BLACKROLL® MINI & MINI FLOW: is perfect for self-massage of the forearms, upper arms, calves, Achilles tendon, soles and neck. The BLACKROLL® MINI FLOW has a textured surface with ridges, which creates a double effect: (1) muscle regeneration and (2) active stimulation of tense muscles. It is also the ideal travel companion. Whether you're going on a trip, sitting at the computer, you can easily take the MINI with you thanks to its compact size.

The BLACKROLL® BALL 8 & 12: can be used in many different ways and therefore even the most difficult to reach muscles can be reached. Thus, so-called trigger points (pain points) are treated effectively. This includes not only the neck and back muscles, but also the buttocks and calves. Trigger points in these muscle groups often cause pain that radiates to the arms or legs and is often confused with a hernia. BALL 12 is slightly less intensive than BALL 8, because BALL 12 has a wider contact surface.

blackroll variatie


Then we have the newest variations on the BLACKROLL® STANDARD. The BLACKROLL® DUOBALL and the BLACKROLL® TWIN have a recess in the middle. They are suitably combined to massage the back muscles and in particular the spine. They are also suitable for massage of the arms, thighs and calves. The BLACKROLL® TWIN has a slightly wider contact area than the BLACKROLL® DUOBALL.As a result, the facial massage of the back is more extensive and less punctual. The BLACKROLL® DUOBALL, on the other hand, can better reach the trigger points (pain points).

Additional advice

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