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If you go for a walk early in the morning or a little later in the evening, it will be quite dark by now. Of course you make sure that you are clearly visible. However, some visibility of the terrain is also useful. If you just take that dark path without lighting, you won't see a hand in front of your eyes. Then it is useful that you wear a headlamp. You are also extra visible, so that's a nice bonus. But which one do you need and what should you pay attention to?

Strength of illumination

The strength of the illumination is expressed in Lumen. We have headlamps that start with 80 lumens and end with 750 lumens. The more lumens, the more light. Low lumen lights are fine for being visible to other traffic. However, if you are going to walk in a dark forest and you want to be able to see the surroundings well, you need a little more.

Power for the headlamp

Another important choice is whether the headlamp can be charged. Some headlamps still work "old-fashioned" with batteries. Others can be charged with USB. If you only use your headlamp for your round in the evening, you can opt for a rechargeable headlamp. However, are you going to run an ultra and have your lamp on for a long time? Then it is useful if you can replace the battery.


Some trail runs require a light at the back. If you are looking for one, select a headlamp with taillight.

Various positions

The more expensive lamps often have various positions. You can think of low beam (just like with your car), red light, flashing light and more.


You can imagine that a large lamp with a large battery is somewhat heavier. The point is not that it is heavy for your head, but that he slowly descends every so many steps because of the weight. Because of all the bouncing he will shift and that is not pleasant.


Simple main lights shine straight ahead. Sometimes on a more technical terrain you want to see a little closer and then a little further away. Then look at a tiltable headlamp.


We sell three brands of headlamps.


Experience peak performance with a fit that's superior to all other headlamps. Due to the unique design, bouncing or slipping is a thing of the past. The moisture-wicking fabric keeps you cool and dry in all conditions. The rechargeable battery ensures that the Headlamp is always ready for use.

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While our products flash and light up the world, we are a proud Australian design company, founded in 2002. Our home base is Melbourne, but we have already started flying all over the world. Knog makes innovative products that inspire people to explore the great outdoors on foot or on two wheels.

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Led Lenser

Outdoor enthusiasts get their money's worth with Ledlenser. Whether hiking, camping, running, fishing, skiing or any other outdoor activity - the powerful Ledlenser lamps give users all over the world the freedom to fully concentrate on their outdoor passion. Ledlenser offers action and extreme athletes looking for late night adventures the perfect lighting to safely push the boundaries of what is possible. With our outdoor lanterns we also provide pleasant lighting in the tent or during a social gathering - and sometimes even for the crucial mobile charging current.

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