About us

It all started back in 2012. After several runs on the paved road we got an ad for the Urbanathlon under our noses. Running with obstacles, it looks cool! Not far behind after watching that the very first Mud Masters in 2012 and a month later we were already in England for the Spartan Beast. Of course in the very first custom Dutch Mud we shirts.

The beginning of the shop

A set of inov 8 was in England picked up obstacle run and that pair shoes was extensively tested during almost any obstacle run in the Netherlands in 2013. After what interest in our Mud we Dutch shirts and questions about the inov 8's, we're a small online webshop set up with these items to sell.

A physical store

There was just more questions of customers who actually want the shoes for fittings or merely wanted to look around and a little advice were looking for. Early 2016 is therefore our physical store opened in Eindhoven.


Meanwhile, we keep playing along to obstacle runs. Of the small local runs to the 24-hour Mud Masters and the World Cup in the United States. In between were always tested new brands and stuff. Right now, we have about 50 brands and our belongings to we just send out more than 15,000 satisfied customers across Europe.

Our goal

Our goal is to get every mud, obstacle and trail runner with the right supplies to commencement to God. Whether you're two miles or three consecutive days for everyone are going right now, we have the appropriate stuff. Of one very sharp price to the best premium brands. We're a one-stop-shop for those beginning with everything to experienced runner.

Our 10 promises

1. Always a honest advice from experienced runners

Whether you're calls, emails or come to store. You always get opinion of Teun of Dirk. Both in possession of a beautiful Ultra Viking medal and much more beautiful experiences. To ultra trail of triathlon.

2. Package comes to you in time

We don't care to the mailman, and Don't use stamps. Each one is with FedEx and have a full track & trace our warehouse to your front door or drop site.

3. Actually be in stock in stock

'S a product on our webshop in stock? He was much more than we have our warehouse or our store not stashed away, so get to it first themselves still need to order. Don't you believe us? Please come and join a cup of coffee in our store and we'll leave you in drink love our warehouse see. You can free parking, right outside the door.

4. Don't fuss with guarantee

Shoes of 160 euro cannot go bust after two races we understand this too. Even though you still pull a few material is going through our trade marks you can expect them to last for a long time. Broken, isn't it? Just send us a picture and we take care of it for you.

5. Not good? Money back!

Send or round-trip can always trade and - - and we're not really mind. Whether it's 10 or after 100 days after is. Also in action products. As long as we play like new packaging can sell in may send the return. You get your purchase amount or any other product back. Once you retreat books we package the same day your money back. Also on the original consignment you just get back.

6. Rapid response from real people

You can call us anytime (0499 700 250), email (service@dutchmudmen.com) or appen (@dutchmudmen on Facebook Messenger) as soon as possible and we promise to answer. Chatbots or menus? We don't do that. Little busy right now we happen to be in our store, it may be that you sometimes voicemail, speak that rested in!

7. No hidden additional costs

For example, our payment methods are simply free. So nothing no fees for Paypal, pay afterwards or credit cards. We also don't charge extra shipping if we send something a second time after trading. You will have to pay for your return yourself, because the parcel deliverers also have to earn something. Have you seen the movie "Sorry we missed you"?

8. Do not create a mandatory account

You can just pay for it as a guest. We also don't ask you for long lists of personal info such as your date of birth. So, unfortunately, you won't get a birthday card from us. ;) We ask you for your address to be able to deliver your package, but you can also choose a pick-up location of course. Your phone number is unfortunately required because one of our carriers makes it mandatory. 06-000000000 also works.

9. A better range every day

We add new products or new brands every week so you can leave the house with the right material. We test a lot of new stuff and brands out. We also scour fairs in search of the best and finest items. Do you know a beautiful brand we're not selling yet? Let us know.

10. Only reviews from real customers

An independent party collects our reviews from actual customers. So we're 100% behind that. Aren't you satisfied yourself? Then we will do everything we can to get a positive review of you in the future.