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Maarten Storm

Nuun bevalt me goed. Ik neem het (naast gewoon water) altijd mee tijdens mijn ultratrails.

Description NUUN Sport Lemon Lime (10 tablets)

When you sweat, your body loses essential minerals and electrolytes. Electrolytes are small charged particles in our body that are lost through perspiration. These must be replenished in the body for healthy recovery and to continue to perform. NUUN Sport has the perfect composition for optimal replenishment of minerals, electrolytes and fluid lost before, during and after physical exertion.

Benefits of NUUN 
Uses the most responsible ingredients and has a complete electrolyte profile. It is convenient to use, easy to prepare and does not stick. In addition, NUUN is much healthier than other alternatives that contain many sugars and chemical additives. One effervescent tablet dissolves in 475ml of water, so ideal for on the go in your water bottle. NUUN products are soy-, dairy- and gluten-free, vegan and also made from plant-based ingredients.

A NUUN Sport tablet contains the following ingredients, with associated properties

  • Sodium for fluid balance.
  • Potassium prevents muscle cramps.
  • Magnesium relaxes the muscles.
  • Calcium is necessary for muscle function.
  • Chloride is important for the digestion of proteins in the stomach and, together with sodium, ensures a balanced fluid balance.
  • Sugar,  GMO-free dextrose to increase fluid absorption capacity.
  • Stevia, a plant-based sweetener.
  • Avocado oil for clean, plant-based production.
  • Organic caffeine from organic green tea extract (not used in all flavors).

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