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Rudi Thierie


Description Blackroll Fascia Gun Massage Pistool

Efficiently regenerate with vibration - at home & on the road

Would you like to treat yourself and your muscles to a good massage in between? Prevent muscle pain after training? Or prepare optimally for your workout? With 4 different massage levels, the FASCIA GUN delivers an effective vibration massage according to your needs: loosen tense muscles, stimulate blood circulation, improve regeneration or intensify your warm-up. With four interchangeable attachments you can personalize and vary your use. At home, in the fitness studio or when traveling - the handy and lightweight design allows flexible use.

  • Loosen tense muscles & stimulate blood circulation.
  • 4 vibration speeds (1200 – 32000r/min) for muscle regeneration and activation.
  • 4 attachments for extensive or selective use.
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery (USB-C connection).
  • Handy & light design (544 g).
  • 15 hours running time. Automatic switch-off after 10 minutes.


4 settings for regeneration & activation of your muscles

The self-massage with the FASCIA GUN is very intuitive. This means that you can best feel where your tissue needs attention. During use you can choose from 4 different vibration modes. When developing the product, we made sure that there are 2 settings below 30 Hz. They are especially suitable for regeneration, to gently loosen tense muscles and to treat yourself to a beneficial massage in between. Modes 3 and 4 are mainly suitable for activating your muscles and are therefore a perfect preparation for your training.


Stand 1: Relax Mode

20Hz; 1200r/min (3-4 minutes per body part )

The relax mode runs at a very low vibration frequency. Ideal for relaxing and regenerating. Perfect for rest breaks or before bedtime. Always perform this level with light pressure.


Stand 2: Post Excercise Mode

28.3Hz; 1700r/min (2-3 minutes per body part)

The second position, the post exercise mode, is suitable for cooling down and to prevent muscle pain after an intensive training. The vibration can improve blood circulation and desensitize painful areas. This supports your regeneration.


Stand 3: Pre Excercise Mode

45Hz; 2700r/min (30 seconds - 2 minutes per body part)

The pre-exercise mode was created in preparation for exercise. With this frequency, blood circulation, tissue fluid and tissue quality can be improved. This allows greater mobility to be achieved without reducing performance. The risk of injuries can be reduced.


Stand 4: Pro Mode

53.3Hz; 3200r/min (30-60 seconds per body part)

Not suitable for sensitive persons. The very intensive pro mode can, for example, be used for large muscle groups, such as the thighs or glutes. Use the pro mode for training or competition.


Individual & versatile massage with 4 attachments

Our FASCIA GUN has 4 different attachments. Thanks to the easily replaceable attachments, you can tailor your massage individually. Here we show you which attachment you can use for what purpose.



Suitable for full body massage. Can be combined very well with the relax fashion. Silicone material provides enough grip on the skin to massage the desired area in a targeted manner.



Perfect for massaging parallel muscle strands, the area around the Achilles tendon or the upper part of the monk's hood muscle.



The attachment for selective trigger point massage with vibration. Helps loosen locally hardened tissue and adherent fascia.



For use on the entire body. Sliding metal material for smoothing motion over clothing or skin. Can be used with massage oil.


Measurements and weight

  • 14 x 8,7 x 4,8 cm
  • 544 g


  • Do not clean the device while charging.
  • Do not use water to clean the device, only a damp cloth.
  • Do not use corrosive cleaning agents or solvents

Technical data

  • Battery: rechargeable 2600mAh lithium-ion battery
  • Charging: USB-C charging socket
  • Motor: SR-3925-033 brushless motor
  • Stalling force: 14.5KGF
  • Standby: 15h in RELAX MODE (without load)
  • Material: aviation aluminum alloy
  • Capacity: 24W
  • Nominal stroom: 2A
  • Frequency: 50-60Hz

Scope of supply:

  • 1x FASCIA GUN black
  • 4x attachment
  • 1x USB-C charging cable
  • 1x manual

“I often use the Fascia Gun during my training. On the one hand, the targeted vibration before training can significantly improve the neural control ability of certain parts of the body and on the other hand, it is the ideal tool for regeneration after exercise. Thanks to the different programs and attachments, you can train and regenerate even more effectively."

Christopher Schröck, sports betting expert & coach BASEFIVE

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