Compressport Pro Racing Socks Trail V4.0

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Size: 35-38
Color: Black / Red
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Jeroen Wouters

Ff op goed geluk een ander merk van sokken geprobeerd. Maar wat een verschil. Nog geen seconde spijt hiervan! Top!!

Description Compressport Pro Racing Socks Trail V4.0

Our choice for a good trail running sock.

High-tech trail running socks that protect your feet, absorb shock and support you during your toughest off-road challenges

Trail running is not road running. Feet must constantly flex and adapt to ever-changing terrain, and footwear must keep up with the pace. The 4th generation Pro Racing Socks Trail is designed with shock absorption and protection in mind. The Compressport technologies have been further developed to support all your off-road adventures. A trail-specific fabric around the forefoot and lower leg is firm but breathable, quickly wicking away moisture to prevent irritation.

The thicker fabric around the instep reaches higher than our running models for extra protection, and a special knit around the ankle provides reassuring stability on rocky terrain. A brand new, wider toe box offers a more ergonomic fit and improved proprioception, so the toes intuitively grip and balance on uneven terrain.

Firm terry cloth padding covers all toes to cushion shock on fast, jarring descents. Enhanced 360° arch support promotes circulation and prevents fabric from twisting and folding, preventing blisters and irritation as the miles progress. Signature dot technologies provide strategic protection from the outdoor elements in areas known to be problematic for trail runners. Both malleolus bones are covered by large sun-shaped dots to prevent bruising from flying feet.

Two lateral rows of 3D.Dots cover the fibula muscles and stimulate sensory receptors to improve ankle proprioception and stability. A wide pattern of 3D.Dots runs along the Achilles tendon for extra cushioning and support, surrounding a line of Flat.dots for ventilation.

A denser weave under the foot further reduces vibration, with 3D.Dots dampening shock and giving the foot a firm grip in the shoe. These dots also ensure better venous drainage and delay fatigue, so you feel fresh for longer.

The trail version is higher than the Run Sock and offers more protection to the lower leg and ankles, with more durable fabrics to withstand the rigors of nature. An ergonomic tab at the back adds a touch of comfort and to ensure you don't accidentally grab the wrong sock, the discipline is discreetly embroidered on the inside. It's clear: this is a high-quality trail running sock that is as strong and durable as you are.

    Product information

    Kenmerk Dit product
    Merk: Compressport
    Geslacht: Unisex
    Activiteit: Trailrunning
    Demping: Minimum Cushioning
    Dikte: Lightweight
    Hoogte: Crew
    Basismateriaal: Polyamide
    Samenstelling: m.mat : 95% Polyamide 5% Elastane
    Wasvoorschrift: Handwas
    Seizoen: Lente/Zomer 2023
    Gewicht: 42 Gram

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