C30 Sport Hygiene Tabs Sports detergent (12 pieces)


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Description C30 Sport Hygiene Tabs Sports detergent (12 pieces)

You know how it is, your washed sportswear still has a dirty sweat smell, even though it comes out clean. C30 washing tablets are specially made to put an end to this. Sweat itself is odorless, but in combination with bacteria on the skin it can cause unpleasant odors that appear in the clothing.
The bacteria are not killed at low washing temperatures, which is why the unpleasant odors persist. C30 washing tablets ensure that these bacteria are already at 30 degrees. Celsius are removed from the clothing so you can always start your training fresh.

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Kenmerk Dit product
Merk: C30
Geslacht: Unisex
Seizoen: Doorlopende collectie

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