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Dirk Schrama

Handige grote beuker! Wel even graven naar de maatschep :)

Description Hammer Sustained Energy - Ultra energy drink - Neutral taste

Unless you supplement your carbohydrate source with protein, your body will begin to digest its own muscle tissue for energy after about 90 minutes of strenuous exercise. When your training demands so much from you that you can no longer manage with Hammer Gel alone, you can rely on Sustained Energy with its 7:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein. Sustained Energy contains a superior blend of complex carbohydrates, a precise amount of GMO-free protein and select micronutrients that all work together to deliver consistent, long-lasting energy. With Sustained Energy you have 100% confidence in your fuel, during your longest and most difficult training sessions and races. Without added flavors or sweeteners, it has a pleasant neutral taste.

Since 1992, Sustained Energy has stood the test of time in every conceivable endurance event around the world. No matter how hard or how long your training or race is, Sustained Energy will come through every time and keep you going mile after mile, hour after hour.

Hammer Nutrition's original long-distance fuel, Sustained Energy, has achieved legendary status in the world of endurance sports since its introduction in 1992. Sustained Energy has been tested and proven in virtually every endurance event in the world, and with its unique 7:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio and neutral taste, it is still the first choice of thousands of athletes. After about two hours of exercise, you need some protein in your fuel, or you'll start cannibalizing or breaking down precious muscle tissue. So if your training demands more than you can handle with Hammer Gel or HEED alone, Sustained Energy is ready to serve you. Sustained Energy is premium fuel supplemented with specific nutrients that support improved fat utilization and lactic acid buffering.

Try Sustained Energy - you'll have 100% confidence in your fuel - and you'll understand why it's been the choice of thousands of endurance athletes for over a decade. For maximum variety and flexibility during your longest and toughest training sessions and races, mix or alternate Sustained Energy with Hammer Gel, HEED and/or Perpetuem.

Extra benefits

This unflavored product is ideally suited for athletes who want calories with as little taste and sweetness as possible. Additionally, soy protein ensures minimal ammonia release into the muscles, further reducing fatigue and tissue damage.


You can make a concentrated solution of Sustained Energy and drink it sparingly for several hours, alternating with sips of plain water from another bottle. You can also season Sustained Energy with your favorite flavor of Hammer Gel.


Use as a primary source of calories during training or competitions lasting longer than two hours.

Serving size

One serving is equal to three measuring spoons of Sustained Energy, and contains 320 kilocalories (approx. 85 g powder).

Suggested doses per body weight*




Up to 55 kg

Up to 1 measuring spoon / hour

Approx. 107 kcal

55 - 70 kg

1 - 1.25 measuring spoons / hour

107 - 133 kcal

70 - 86 kg

1.25 - 1.75 measuring spoons / hour

133 - 187 kcal

86+ kg

Up to 2 measuring spoons / hour

214 kcal

*These are estimated doses. Each athlete must determine his personal optimum during training, under different circumstances.

If you use more than one sports nutrition product, you must combine all the calories from all the products used to achieve the correct total hourly amount.

Mixing / usage instructions

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to possible operational problems, Sustained Energy cannot be pre-mixed and left in warm weather for several hours. You can mix and consume Sustained Energy in three different ways, depending on individual preference and logistical planning. Please try the following options to determine which one works best for you.

The One-Hour Water Bottle - Mix the recommended amount of Sustained Energy for your body weight (see table above) in approximately 475-825 ml (water bottle) of water. Use 1 bottle per hour. This method is ideal for training or competitions with a crew and support vehicle. If you are without a crew but still want to use this option for mixing, keep in mind that it is of course less suitable as you will have to stop often to mix your sports nutrition. Also, because you are trying to get both hydration and caloric requirements from one source, you have limited ability to adjust one without affecting the other; for example: You may need to drink extra water to meet hydration needs.

The Multi-Hour Water Bottle - This is by far the most suitable method of providing sports nutrition, as it can often make you self-sufficient for many hours, requiring only water is still needed along the way. The only limitation is how many scoops you can fit in a water bottle. Determine your correct hourly intake of measuring spoons by experimenting with the numbers from the dosing schedule. Let's say you've determined through testing that 1.5 scoops of Sustained Energy per hour is your ideal calorie intake. For a 4-hour training you should then put (4 x 1.5=) 6 measuring spoons, filled with water and shaken, in a water bottle. You may need to add 1 to 2 scoops at a time to mix everything well. You drink this bottle slowly by taking a small sip every 15-20 minutes. At this concentration, the water in the mixed bottle does not contribute much to your hydration needs per hour. To meet your hydration requirements, carry a second and possibly even a third bottle of water, use a hydration system or know where to refill along your route. Drink according to the temperature/humidity and your exercise level, so that you can consume in the range of 475 - 825 ml of water per hour. This way, as long as you can get water along the way, you'll be prepared for hours of hard training.

Gel or batter - If you want to carry the highest volume of calories in the least amount of space, making a thick mix is ​​the best option. Sustained Energy can be made in a super concentrated, almost batter-like consistency and prepared in a Hammer Gel Bottle (170 ml). Using a kitchen blender or bowl and spoon, mix the powder with a small amount of water, gradually adding water as needed to create the desired consistency. If desired, you can also add Hammer Gel or HEED for flavor. Depending on how many scoops per hour you need and how concentrated the mix is, each vial of Sustained Energy can provide you with fuel for 2 - 4 hours. As with the multi-hour bottle, you will need to carry additional water bottles or a hydration system to meet your hydration needs.

Important information

By design, Perpetuem of Sustained Energy contains no artificial preservatives. Preservatives provide absolutely no benefits for athletic performance or overall health. We consider them health risks, in fact, which is why none of our Hammer Nutrition products contain preservatives. As a result, once the powder is mixed with water, the protein component in both Perpetuem and the Sustained Energy is affected in the following ways:

  1. At some point it will eventually be sour and no longer acceptable for consumption.

  2. It tends to separate after a few hours and can settle at the bottom of a water bottle or soft flask.

We are convinced that not having artificial preservatives in our products is much more important than these two inconveniences; but they are factors to consider when using Perpetuem or Sustained Energy.

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