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Dirk Schrama

Jarenlang saltstick gebruikt, maar die was op. Nu een keer mango smaak tijdens bloedhete mud masters. Smaakt prima en werkte goed. Verpakking ziet er wel uit alsof het medicijnen zijn 😂

Description Saltolyte chewable tablets electrolytes

SALTOLYTE 60 Chewable Tablets Orange. Tasty chewable tablets with salt, electrolytes and sugar for competition and training nutrition - Made in Germany!

For athletes to use during heavy physical exertion with a lot of sweat loss, such as triathlon, cycling, running, tennis, football, trail running, fitness, inline skating, beach volleyball, badminton, squash, etc.

The chewable tablets are purely vegetarian, do not contain any doping agents, are without coloring agents and are lactose, gluten and GMO free.

Heavy sweat loss due to extreme muscle work leads to the washing away of salt and minerals (electrolytes). This can hinder the maintenance of physical performance, muscle functionality and regeneration.

Chewable tablets with a high salt and mineral content help keep salt and electrolyte levels in balance. The high-quality mineral formula corresponds to the composition of secreted electrolytes in human body sweat and provides rapid bioavailability of all electrolytes involved in muscle functionality: sodium (salt), potassium, magnesium and calcium.

  • Potassium, calcium and magnesium support normal muscle function and normal functioning of the nervous system.
  • Calcium and magnesium contribute to normal energy metabolism.
  • Magnesium contributes to electrolyte balance, normal protein synthesis and reduction of fatigue.
Taking minerals in the form of chewable tablets offers the following benefits:
  • Intake and taste similar to dextrose.
  • Simply melt in the mouth or chew.
  • Works quickly and immediately! Enters the bloodstream via the oral mucosa.
  • Also provides a subjective and mental boost due to the reward effect.
  • Can be combined (alternately) with all proven sports drinks and nutritional gels.
  • Consumption independent of water availability - the electrolyte balance is guaranteed.
  • Easy dosing!
  • The high salt content is not noticeable, because glucose and stevia extract provide a pleasant fresh taste.
  • Hardly any weight, easy to carry, easy to take.
  • Practical tin with screw cap protects against rain and sweat.
  • Ideal also for children and people who cannot swallow capsules.

Usage advice:
Take 2 tablets (= serving) every 15-30 minutes during physical activity, up to 25 servings per day. Allow chewable tablets to melt in the mouth before swallowing to improve electrolyte absorption.

Do not exceed the stated maximum recommended intake. Food supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of the reach of small children, cool and dry.

Dietary supplement with salt, electrolytes, sugar and sweetener.

Taste: Orange

Contents per can: 99 g = 60 chewable tablets = 30 servings

Serving size = 2 tablets

Maximum daily dose = 25 servings

Nutrients and minerals per serving
(3,3 g)
per max.
daily dosage
daily dosage
Energie / Energy 42 kJ
(10 kcal)
1.046 kJ
(250 kcal)
13 %
Carbohydrates / Carbohydrates 2,3 g 58 g 22%
thereof Sugar / thereof Sugar 1,75 g 44 g 49%
Salt / Salt 0,26 g 6,5 g 108 %
Natrium / Sodium 106 mg 2650 mg **
Kalium / Potassium 31 mg 775 mg 39 %
Calcium 10 mg 250 mg 31 %
Magnesium 6 mg 150 mg 40 %


*NRV = Nutrient reference values according to LIMV
** No reference values available

Ingredients: Glucose; sodium citrate; maltodextrin; starch (potato); Acidifier citric acid; calcium gluconate; potassium citrate; Aroma; magnesium citrate; microcrystalline cellulose; Anti-caking agents: magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide; Sweetener: steviol glycosides.

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